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3DPO’S guide to troubleshooting your 3D printer fails

3DPO’s guide to troubleshooting your 3D printer fails 3D printing is an invaluable tool for engineers, dentists, designers, and many other industries. However, 3d printers have a reputation of being difficult to troubleshoot. In this blog post, 3DPO’S Guide to Troubleshooting your 3D Printer Fails, we will cover some of the most common issues that

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Creality Sermoon D1

Unboxing The Creality Sermoon D1

Today we are looking at the Creality Sermoon D1, a stylish printer with a brand new direct drive system developed by Creality. This machine seems to be made to fill the gap in Creality’s range with their lack of direct drive machines. The Sermoon D1 enables easy use of flexible filaments such as TPU and

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Unboxing the Creality 200B

Today we are looking at the CR200B, a fully enclosed printer from Creality’s ever expanding range.
This sleek new machine, while not directly aimed at the professional market, promises high performance in many areas. With an upgraded nozzle and hotend assembly, large responsive touch screen with new UI, carborundum glass bed with easy removal and fully enclosed print volume..

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Unboxing the Artillery Hornet

Today we are looking at the Hornet, Artillery’s 3rd leap in the 3d printing market and certainly one in the right direction. The Hornet is an interesting outlier in the Artillery line with a sports car-like body and flashy new colour scheme, a unique bowden setup, new in house built mainboard, among other additions.

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3D Printing for the Dental Industry

Just when you thought 3D printing couldn’t get any more awesome. These innovative machines have breathed new life into the dental industry. Dentists are using 3D printers to design and craft a number of prosthetic, dental, and surgical products.

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Can You Really 3D Print Food?

3D printers are considered by many as one of the best creations of science and technology. Aside from the fast-rising tablets and mobile phones, 3D printers also have the “it” factor in gaining respect and praise from the public. Recently, such printers took another step higher and started creating food.

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How To Choose The Right Resin?

Are you thinking of 3D printing in resin? Would you like to understand more about the technology behind 3D printing in resin? Or you just can’t figure out which resin to choose? Then this blog post is ideal for you!

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What is 3D printer filament

What is 3D printer filament The filaments of 3D printers are plastics that are used to make 3D prints.  These come in different types, and choosing one depends mostly on the object you are tryingto build. In 3D printing, the most popular filaments are ABS and PLA. However, there is a fairly varied range of filaments to

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What is Resin 3D Printing?

What is Resin 3D printing? Stereolithography is the primary technology behind all resin 3d prints. Stereolithography is the primary technology behind all resin 3d prints. It is the most widely used technique for producing quality 3D prints. First, the printer roller spreads out a thin layer of polymer. Because this layer is in liquid form,

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FDM vs. SLA 3D printing

FDM Vs. SLA 3D Printing Since the beginning of 3D printing, multiple technologies have been developed, the purpose of which is to convert digital models into physical models. To reach the goal, each of the technologies has different techniques, developments, and results. FDM 3D Printing Technology DM means Fused Deposition Modeling. In this type of

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How does a 3d printer work?

How Does A 3d Printer Work? Today, the technologies that have stepped from the books of science fiction will surprise no one.  Three-dimensional printing is becoming more popular. Nowadays, there are a lot of 3D printers, and accordingly, there are also many ways to create models with their help. However, in principle, all printers are based

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What is 3d printing?

What is Resin 3D printing? 3D Printing is a process or action of making physical objects from 3D digital models.  The creation of a three-dimensional Printed object involves additive processes. In such a process, the object is made by laying down layers of material in succession, and each of these layers shows finely sliced parallel

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