Returns Policy

Terms and Conditions

Manufacturers Warranty. Most items come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty; Terms & Conditions apply.

Operators. An Operator (end-user) is expected to have a basic understanding or a willingness to learn these machines. Some items expected to be known are computers, an understanding of mechanical operations, software, materials and other items based around these machines. (the selected machine).

Expectations. The Manufacturers will expect the operator to build/maintain their machines, and change parts, be those consumable items, electronics, or other miscellaneous tasks/items. The operator is expected to learn the software/firmware needed to work the machine. Please ensure that you have contacted the manufacturer with any issues to figure out if the item is faulty.

Maintenance. Maintenance is needed on these machines. Times for maintenance will vary. An operator will be expected to carry out these works or have a technician do them. Failure to keep a machine maintained may lead to damage and void manufactures warranty.

Guarantee under ACL (Australia Consumer Law). As an Operator, you are entitled to consumer guarantees as outlined by the Australia Consumer Law (ACL). Likewise, if the item you have received has a major fault you are entitled to request a replacement or refund. If the fault does not amount to a major fault, the faulty item may be repaired with either new/used parts or replaced.  Please see Return of Goods for further information if you believe the item has a major fault.

Initial inspection. Please ensure you check your item when you receive it. Any damage to the parcel should be noted. If you believe the item has been damaged in transit, then contact us straight away.


During unpacking and assembly, if there are issues, please reach out to the manufacturer to check instructions and ensure it is correctly being assembled.

If there are issues during assembly that are not a manufacturing fault, i.e., assembled incorrectly, pinched wires etc., this may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

If the manufacturer has diagnosed that the goods are faulty, please reach out to us –
A Return Authority (RA) can be raised and issued, please ship the goods back as per the Return of Goods.

With an item that has been found to have a major fault within 14 days of receiving, you may be eligible for a full refund, per Return of Goods.

Slicers and Software. Most of the manufacturers use open-source or community-based slicers/software. The operator is expected to learn this software. Wrong profile selection or changes made in this software by the operator can cause damage to the machine and may not be covered by warranty.

Files (3MF, STL, G-Code etc.) that have been supplied from 3rd parties and used by the operator may cause issues with the item and may not be covered by warranty.

Firmware may need to be updated; this is normal with most of these systems. The operator must know how to do this, please refer to the Manufacturer/Firmware sites for this information. Firmware, if incorrectly applied can “brick” a machine, this may not be covered under warranty. SD Cards may become corrupted and cause issues with some firmware. 3rd party or customer firmware may not be covered under the warranty.

Consumable items can be classified as, but are not limited to Hotend, Thermistors, Nozzles, Fan, Belts, Wheels, Drivers, Mainboards, SD Cards, AMS (Automatic Material System), PTFE Tube, FEP, PEI, LCD Screen, laser, beds, Vats, Sensors, Materials, etc. These parts may have a manufacturer warranty for 3 months.

End of Life (EOL). Due to this ever-changing technology, we expect most machines to have a life span of up to 2 years before EOL. Parts may not be available after 2 years from release of the product due to EOL, Example, MSLA screens.

Materials can vary between manufacturers. Whilst we try to keep consistency, that may not always be the case between batches. Just like fabric, there can be differences in the colours.

Operators are expected to test any materials before using them and ensure they have their profile set to suit that material. Failure to use the correct profile may lead to a fault that may not be covered by a warranty.


Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any item you receive from us, you may be entitled to return it to us per Return of Goods.

Change of Mind

Please contact us about this, we may be able to help with an exchange or store credit.
Please email the sales team, or call 02 8488 6213.


All refund requests will be processed by e-mail. If you have a request for a refund, please email the team at

 Refunds, when approved, will be issued within 7 working days.

Any shipping/admin/restocking fees may be deducted from refund.

Special Order

We do not accept returns for products that have been specially ordered unless there is a major fault.

Return of Goods
If you are returning goods, you will need prior approval from 3DPO.
Please ensure you have reached out to the team, or 02 8488 6213.
If approved, the RA form will be supplied to the operator.

RA form must be filled out and supplied with the delivered item.

Acceptance for return of items
RA is with item
Proof of purchase is provided.
We suggest any items being returned, you use a Registered Post or a Courier Service with tracking. Please ensure they are well packaged so that they cannot be damaged in transit.
Please ensure any resin has been cleaned of the printer before shipping back. If resin is evident, a cleaning fee may be charged.

Any damages during transit back to the warehouse,  will not be covered 3DPO.
The operator may wish to contact their courier to claim for any breakages.
If no RA is issued, items may be rejected at the customer’s expense.


Change of Mind

When returning items agreed to as a Change of Mind.

The item/s are in saleable condition, meaning:

  • The item is not damaged.
  • The item is unopened.
  • The item has not been used.
  • The item has all original packaging including manuals, sticker sheets, accessories, and all seals and/or plastic wrapping is intact.

We suggest any items being returned, you use a Registered Post or a Courier Service with tracking. Please ensure they are well packaged so that they cannot be damaged in transit.

Any damages will not be covered 3DPO.

If no RA is issued, items may be rejected at the customer’s expense.

Inspection of Machine

Goods returned will be inspected before a final decision is made. If the item is not found to be faulty, there may be charges for time spent on the assembly and inspection.

Machines are returned to factory defaults and tested this way. If changes have been made to the machine, it may not be covered by manufacturers warranty.

Time for inspection and repairs. Whilst we strive to process returns as quickly as possible, goods will be looked at within 5-15 business days when received by the Service Team.


If machines need parts replaced, if parts are not in stock, this may lead to longer repair times as they are shipped from suppliers.

Unclaimed Parcels / Incorrectly addressed parcels

The Couriers charge us a return fee so please keep track of your parcels.

Parcels that come back to us that have been incorrectly addressed or unclaimed by the receiver will attract a return charge.

There will be an extra charge to cover reshipping the goods.

Pre Order

Pre Order may be delayed due to manufacturing or shipping delays.

When you buy a Pre Order you agree to the terms of receiving the goods when they arrive.

Dates will be on the product page. These will be adjusted if times are extended.