DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X 3D Printer

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Rapid Prototyping for Every Design Big & Small

Optimised with a dual gear filament driver and a heated chamber with cooled mechanisms, the 4070 Industrial X is the ideal printer for technical designs with specialty filaments.

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DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X 3D Printer

The DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X 3D Printer is a high-performance 3D printer that is designed to meet the demands of industrial-grade 3D printing. With its large build volume of 400 mm x 700 mm, it can handle even the most complex and large-scale printing projects with ease.

This printer boasts a range of advanced features that make it a reliable and efficient choice for industrial applications. It uses a Delta-type construction that provides increased accuracy and precision, while its closed-loop control system ensures consistent and reliable performance.

The DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X 3D Printer is capable of printing with a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, Nylon, PETG, and more. It also offers a variety of print modes, allowing users to choose between high-speed or high-quality prints depending on their needs.

With its intuitive touch-screen interface and user-friendly software, this printer is easy to use and can be set up quickly. Its sturdy frame and high-quality components ensure long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for industrial and professional use.

Overall, the DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X 3D Printer is a versatile and reliable 3D printing solution that offers exceptional performance and flexibility for industrial-grade printing projects.

DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X Special Features

The 4070 Industrial X boasts an aluminium body, steel cored belts, and features thermal and acoustic insulation. The new Hot and Cold Technology allows the chamber to be heated up to 70°C, while simultaneously cooling the mechanics of the printer. This results in fast prints when using technical materials, without damaging the moving parts of the printer. The new Filament Driver X replaces the suspended bowden setup, doubling the grip and tripling the force when compared to a regular bowden driver. This is a direct result of two hardened steel gears within the filament driver. Also included in the Industrial X line is an auto-calibration feature.

Equiped with the WASP ZEN X extruder, printing with multiple materials up to 350°C is no challenge for the 4070 Industrial X. The new WASP Zen X extruder also allows for quick tool-changes between cartridges. The WASP FLEX extruder can simply be switched to print flexible materials down to Shore 50A within minutes.

The Industrial X Series can be connected to WiFi in order to monitor and send GCODE remotely from your smart device or PC and features a camera installed inside to monitor your prints.

  • Continuous Print: When the used extruder runs out of filament, the print continues with the other extruder (if correctly loaded)
  • Bed Touch System: Automatic system that avoids the collision of the extruder on the plate.
  • GCODE Analyzer: GCODE error checking system.
  • Auto Check System: Automatic error recognition routine
  • Mesh Auto Calibration: Mesh plate calibration
  • Hot and Cold Technology: Heated chamber and cooling of the mechanics
  • WIFI: Machine connects to the network for monitoring and control
  • New GUI: New touch interface with bigger TFT display
  • Camera: On-board for monitoring and timelapse
  • Remote Intervention: WASP technicians can work from remote on your machine in case of issues

The system recovers automatically interrupted prints in case of accidental shutdown or blackouts.

It’s possible to measure the height of interruption of the print and restart from there.

Box Contents

  • 1x DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial X 3D Printer
  • 1x 1kg Spool of PLA
Build Volume 400(diameter) x 700(height) mm
Heated Chamber Up to 70°C
Minimum Layer Height 100 micron
Maximum Print Speed 200 mm/sec
Maximum Travel Speed 300 mm/sec
Acceleration 6.000 mm/sec²
Bed Temperature Up to 120°C
Standard Extruder / Nozzle WASP ZEN X Extruder with MT cartridge, Nozzle 0.7 mm
Compatible Extruders WASP ZEN X EXTRUDER: Dual extruder for single material, multicolor or multimaterial prints, with end filament sensor, Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.2 mm (filament diameter 1.75 mm); WASP FLEX EXTRUDER: Direct driven extruder for flexible material down to shore 50A, Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (filament diameter 3 mm)
Operating Systems Windows | Mac | Linux
Slicing Software Compatible with all slicing softwares (Cura – SLic3r – Simplify3D®)
File Type STL | OBJ | GCODE
Connectivity Pendrive USB | WiFi
Interface TFT Touchscreen
Dimensions 85 x 77 x 195 cm
Net Weight 90 kg
Input 220V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Max. 120 W
Operating Temperature 20-30°C
Storage Temperature 0-30°C
Material Construction Frame and Cover: Aluminum, Steel, Polycarbonate, PU. All metal body for a stiff and vibration free precise, Bed: Machined Aluminum, Movements: Nylon wheels on anodized Aluminum sliders, PU steel core belts, resistant to high temperature, Insulation: Polymer foam for thermo-acoustic insulation, Motors: Stepper

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